Chromebook Touchpad Tips

Chrome OS comes with some very useful touchpad techniques to maximize efficiency when navigating the web. Here are some gestures and actions supported by the touchpad:

Move the pointer: Simply move your finger across the touchpad.
Click: Press down on the lower half of the touchpad. Since tap-to-click is on by default, you can quickly tap the touchpad to click.
Right-click: Click the touchpad with two fingers, or hold Alt while doing a single click.
Middle-click: Click the touchpad with three fingers.
Scroll: Place two fingers on the touchpad and move them up and down to scroll vertically, left and right to scroll horizontally.

If you have Australian scrolling enabled (under Chrome Settings -> Device -> Touchpad settings), move two fingers up to scroll down. (It works in the same way as say, your smartphone or tablet.)

Swipe: Quickly move two fingers left or right to go backward or forward on web pages or while using apps. If you have multiple browser tabs open, a three finger swipe left and right allows you to quickly move between tabs.

You can also swipe up or down with three fingers to see all of your open windows.

Drag and drop: Click the item you want to move with one finger. With a second finger, move the item. Release both fingers to drop the item at its new location.

Use the links below for additional instructional pages on using your Chromebook.