Network Access & Web Filtering


You can connect to a wireless network (commonly known as Wi-Fi networks) to access the Internet. Check if there are Wi-Fi networks near your location by clicking the network icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. Just click a network name to connect to it.
  1. Click the network icon network icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  2. Select your network status from the menu that appears.
  3. Make sure Wi-Fi usage is enabled, which will allow your Chromebook to detect nearby networks. In the menu that appears, click wifi not connected icon. If you see wifi connected icon, that means Wi-Fi is already enabled.
  4. Detected networks automatically show up in the menu. To connect to a network, simply select its name.

When you see the network icon icon in the lower-right corner of your screen, that means your Chromebook is connected to the network.

Note: Secure networks are marked with the secure network icon and require additional information before you can connect. If you're connecting to a secure network that uses password authentication, you'll be prompted to enter a password. Choose "WPA" to use WPA or WPA2-Personal security.

  • Your Chromebook will automatically connect to the OCS-5G wifi network while on campus.
  • [2013 x131e model only] You can plug an Ethernet cable to the port on the left side of your Chromebook for a wired connection.

While the Internet can serve as a valuable tool for teaching and learning, it can also be a source of things that can cause us to stumble. Our intended purpose is to allow for a safe learning environment for our students, and thus your Chromebook will not have completely unfettered access to the Internet.

Our expectation is for students to use the device in a God-honoring, responsible manner. It is important to be aware that all web browsing activity on your Chromebook -- both on and off campus -- passes through an online web filtering system. Website categories that are unwholesome, distracting, and not conducive to a learning environment may be blocked.

In addition, all browsing history is automatically logged by the filtering system. Patterns of irresponsible web browsing behavior will trigger alerts to school staff, and this browsing history can be shared to your parents and guardians to inform them of any inappropriate web usage.

Attempts to bypass these web safety measures will be subject to the measures described in the Violations and Procedures section of our school Acceptable Use Policy. This will include the loss of network privileges for a period of time.

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