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Google Apps Login

posted Jan 24, 2014, 12:44 PM by Domain Administrator   [ updated Jan 24, 2014, 1:30 PM ]

Google Apps Links:
Google Drive
Your default email address (and login) is:



Where ## stands for the two digit graduation year. So Jim Bob, class of 2013, would be JimB13@ocknight.org.


If you have not logged in yet this year, your initial password has been set to INITIALSknight. So Jim Bob's initial password is JBknight. Note that the password is Case Sensitive.
You should change your password after the initial login by going to this link: Google Security Settings and then clicking on "Change password."


If you have trouble logging in, please triple check the login address you have typed for misspellings or other mistakes, and enter your password carefully, remembering that capitalization matters95% of the time, login issues are caused by a typo! Ask a friend who has logged in successfully to check what you are doing and see if they can spot any mistake.
If you still have problems logging in to your account, you may seek help from Mr. Yeh (the Tech Director) by the library or check with a teacher if it is convenient for the teacher.
Use of school computers and networks entails agreement with the following OCS Technology Honor Code.
Ontario christian schools Technology Honor Code
All aspects of the technological world in which we live belong to God. As responsible caretakers of all that God has entrusted to us, we expect users to apply Ontario Christian Schools' Technology Honor Code to all technology-related activities, including the use of school computers, computer peripherals, and networking, while on and off-campus. Our hope is that the responsible use of technology will help equip OCS students with the skills needed to be valuable Christian leaders both now and in the future.
This Honor Code lays the foundation for the positive, honorable, and responsible use of technology. Examples of the types of technology-related activities that affirm our Honor Code are listed below. 
  1. Using computers, software, and other information resources to support learning, complete school assignments, and gain a better understanding of information technologies and their applications.
  2. Using the Internet to perform research, collaboration, and communication to improve knowledge and advance academic work.
  3. Follow Federal copyright laws when using information through technology.
  4. Seek permission to record or photograph anything, school related or otherwise.
  5. Respect:
    … and encourage each other online through words and media.
    … the privacy of other computer user accounts.
    … your personal contact information and that of others.
    … the registration policies of age-restricted online services.
    … that network bandwidth, server disk space, and printer paper and toner are shared and limited resources.
    … and support the school’s computer security systems.
  6. Using technology in a way that enhances the mission and goals of OCS and guidelines in the student handbook.
  7. Using God-honoring language in online communications.
  8. Accept responsibility for your own actions.
  9. If you receive a message that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable, speak with an adult you trust.
  10. Ensuring that files are school-related and are synced and accessible through network or cloud based storage.
  11. Protecting equipment (school-owned and loaned) from damage or theft.
  12. Using technology to transform the world for Jesus Christ.
  13. Any virtual medium that the student uses should be used appropriately. All online activity should reflect Christian character and respect of others.

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